Creating a kitchen colander flower arrangement

When arranging summer flowers, you should not limit yourself to vases and the usual types of containers. There are so many amazing holders hiding in your cupboards and even in your shed. Many items that you may have even considered throwing away could be useful as vases. One such item is an old colander. Yes, it has holes, which is why you need to follow a few extra steps to keep your flowers hydrated. Here’s how to make a fabulous colander flower arrangement for your kitchen.

You need:

  • Fresh flowers of your choice
  • Foliage to suit your flowers
  • An old colander
  • Flower foam
  • Shallow bowl or tray to fit inside the colander


  • First you need to prepare your foam. You need to make sure that the bowl you choose will fit into the bottom of the colander and it will not be seen. This container or tray is to hold the floral foam and prevent dripping.
  • Now soak your floral foam before placing it on the tray or in the bowl.
  • Start arranging your blooms to create your colander flower arrangement according to its size and your preferences.
  • You do not want to use huge flowers since they will look out of place. Flowers that are ideal include various types of smaller daisies, small chrysanthemums, roses and hydrangeas. Yes, hydrangeas are larger but you can use three stems to create clusters on all sides of the arrangement.
  • Remember to trim your stems at an angle to make them easier to insert.
  • It’s also a good idea to set a midpoint before filling your arrangement around the edges first. Work your way up until you reach the midpoint.
  • Inspect your arrangement to make sure that no floral foam is visible and there are no noticeable gaps.

Enjoy your new colander flower arrangement for several days. If you use flowers that are still in partial bud form, the bouquet will last even longer. Check the foam every day and add water as needed. Keep the arrangement out of the sun and wind.