Creating a flower box for your window

Flower boxes can be used to decorate just about any window in your home. They are excellent for small and large homes alike. They are also wonderfully versatile and there are just a few basic rules that you need to remember when creating your own flower box.

What types of flowers to use

When selecting flowers for your window box, you need to choose plants that enjoy the amount of sun or shade that they will receive in this location. Make sure that you choose flowering plants that also have enough foliage. This way, even when they are not in bloom, they will still look amazing. If you are worried about your gardening skills and flowers dying, there is one option that will always prove easy to care for – succulents. Cacti and succulents are remarkably easy to care for and they can bloom too. Depending on the type of cactus or succulent plant you choose, you can enjoy many bright colours in your little window garden.

How about herbs

If you want something that will add beauty while proving practical, you can fill your window box with fresh herbs. Some of the most popular options include Thyme, Rosemary, Parsley, Coriander, Basil, Oregano and Dill. Before making your choices, you should ensure that they all enjoy the same amount of sun and water. If you combine herbs that enjoy different conditions, some will thrive while the rest will not. You should also remember that some herbs grow taller than others and some require plenty of room for their roots.

Choosing a container

You don’t need to have an exterior window box in order to create your own flower box for your window. All you need is the right container. Even if your initial container is not all that attractive, you can always conceal it within another container. If your decorative container is large enough, you can place several smaller containers inside this main container. This will make it easier to plant different herbs, for example, that enjoy different watering schedules or soil. Make sure that each pot has holes in the bottom to allow excess water to flow out. You will also need to place drip trays under the pots to prevent the water from damaging your windowsill or furniture.

Different types of fertiliser can be used for different types of plants based on their individual needs. It’s also important to fertilise during the appropriate time of year for each plant. Finally, don’t forget that some plants are annuals and others are perennials. Depending on your personal gardening skills, you will need to choose plants that will suit your gardening abilities. If you would like a luxurious flower display, you can also opt for a beautiful hat box flower arrangement.