Crazy Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are a beautiful , popular common flower, which boasts many great attributes which make chrysanthemums a great addition to your garden or home.

 A short history

 Native to Asia and north eastern Europe, Chrysanthemum flowers have found fame in eastern Asian countries, like China, where the flower was first cultivated as a flowering herb as far back as the 15th century BC, and  was served with food, or as drinking tea, and in Japan, where in the 8th century AD, the Emperor adopted the Chrysanthemum flower as his seal.

Since then the flower has enjoyed world wide popularity thanks to its ease of cultivation, as well as its aesthetic and health benefits.

Health and Cultural benefits

 When infused in boiling water as a  beverage, Chrysanthemum flowers provide an anti-oxidant rich tea, with a naturally sweet taste, and smooth drink, and provides a lot of health benefits that you may never have a thought a flower capable of doing!:

  • ·It is a great tea to have when suffering from flu or colds , as it opens airways, calms nerves, and also eases restlessness
  • ·Has natural anti-bacterial properties
  • ·Anti oxidant
  • ·Helps clean the liver from toxins
  • ·Lowers blood pressure
  • ·Can induce a calming sensation which can also aid in the treatment of Insomnia
  • ·If the chrysanthemum’s are allowed to cool , the mixture can be used to water plants, as chemicals in the chrysanthemum flowers are a fantastic insecticide, which is harmful to all insects, but hardly effects birds or mammals, even if eaten in large amounts

As you can see, Chrysanthemum’s are a lot more than just a sweet smelling flower with a pretty face! They are also very beneficial to your way of life.

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