Common questions about funeral flowers

Funerals are not something we like to think about but it is a part of life. For each of us, there comes at least one point in our lives when we are faced with the loss of a loved one. Planning a funeral is even more difficult due to the added weight of the grief that you are feeling. To help make things easier, here are the answers to some of the most common questions about funeral flowers.

What are funeral sprays?

These designs are often sent as a tribute to the loved one that you have lost. They are available in single and double-ended varieties. The latter also known as casket sprays because they are often placed on the coffin.

What do different funeral flowers mean?

Different types of flowers have different meanings. If you want to send a specific message, then you should consider choosing flowers that help you do just that. Some of the most popular funeral flowers and their meanings are detailed below:

Lilies: innocence and the restoration of the soul of the departed

Gladioli: strength, integrity and sincerity

Hydrangeas: plants can be added to the garden in honour of the departed

Chrysanthemums: a symbol of death in various European countries

Carnations: expresses sympathy depending on the colour you choose

White roses: reverence, innocence, youthfulness and humility

Red roses: love, courage and respect

Tulips and daffodils: fresh start (usually sent to the loved ones of the departed)

How much will funeral flowers cost?

The cost of funeral flowers will depend on the flowers, the size of the arrangements and the number of arrangements you choose. Personalised arrangements will usually cost more. If you are on a particular budget, it is best to discuss your needs with your florist and see how they can best accommodate.

What type of flowers should I send?

If you want to express your sympathy, you can send flowers to the home of the family. Some of the best options include roses, carnations, gladioli, chrysanthemums and lilies. Many people choose white arrangements but there is no rule against choosing a colourful sympathy bouquet.

What kind of flowers should I send to the funeral home?

If you want to send flowers to the funeral home, it is best to discuss this with the family of the departed as well as the funeral director. Coordinate your flower order with the rest of the flower arrangements.

What flowers are suited for a baby or child’s funeral?

This is often the saddest of all. It is something that no parent should ever experience and it is the most devastating loss of all. Children and infants are pure and innocent. White flowers are the most popular choice because of their association with purity. Other options include lavender for young girls while some flowers are selected to reflect the personality of the child.

What to do with flowers after the funeral?

Funeral flowers can be taken home or to the location where everyone will meet after the funeral. This is a way of continuing the memorial and ensuring continued respect for the person who has passed away.

Funerals are the final goodbye and the chance for family and friends to gain closure. Without this last farewell, it can leave a lot of emotions buried and this makes it difficult to grieve and heal. If you are not able to attend the funeral, remember that you can still send funeral flowers or sympathy flowers if you prefer.