Colours and Flowers for your Autumn wedding

Autumn is a brilliant season for trees and flowers. You get so many colours as the growing season comes to a close. Autumn is one of the most popular choices for a wedding because of the fantastic colours nature gives us.

In this world nature is ablaze in all its glory in the Autumn months when many variations of trees burst forth with colours that would make a painter’s palette jealous because of this brides want to get married on a cool Autumn day with all the colours. Everything from the bouquets to the table decorations should follow a strict Autumn theme.

A combination of colours which is very popular among brides is rich scarlet, pumpkin orange and golden yellow. Flowers which can be used in harmony with this colour scheme include red roses with their velvety red petals, mango mini callas with their colours mimicking orange flames of fire and mokara orchids in golden yellow.

Another brilliant combination of colours is mixing your purples and greens. Green orchids and accompanied beautifully by “Picasso” mini callas with their deep purple centre embraced with the creamy edges of “Cool Water” roses. Add just a little greenery to give a subtle but effective textural accent.

The theme of a “fun” wedding is also back on the up with more brides enjoying their wedding day instead of stressing about their wedding day. Many brides have already been to weddings where formality reigns but when it comes to their own wedding they just want to relax and do something different.

If this is the case with you then we suggest a colour scheme with oozes joy and happiness for the whole day. The most natural fun flower to pick for these occasions is the Gerbera. The Gerbera has an “I don’t take myself too seriously” type of attitude and the colours the Gerbera produces is almost endless. Combining the Gerberas with a freesia or another flower with tropical colours is a masterstroke.

All these collections as well as other beautiful colour harmonies can be yours for your wedding right now.