How the colours of flowers affect us

When decorating any space at home or at work, it’s always important to remember how different colours can affect your mood. This is by no means a conscious change but rather subconscious which means that your body simply reacts to different colours instinctively. While some people feel the effects of different colours immediately, others may need a few minutes to adjust.

A bouquet of flowers that consists of soft colours like light yellow, peach, warm pink, subtle greens, and off-white, are known for having a nurturing effect. This kind of bouquet is lovely for celebrating the arrival of a new baby, for showing somebody support during a difficult time, or even to say thanks to mum for all her love and everything she has done for you over the years.

Light pinks, purples, and perhaps a few blue accents and a touch of foliage makes up a gorgeous romantic arrangement. This bunch of flowers would be perfect to celebrate her birthday, your anniversary, or even to show her that you had an amazing time on your first date.

When you use red flowers in a bouquet, even if you accompany them with other colours like coral or bright pink, it’s the kind of bouquet that will send more of a sensual and passionate message. This is not the kind of bouquet to present on your first date and it’s also not suitable for your mother, boss, or anyone you are not romantically involved with. Save this type of arrangement for your significant other to show them how much you love them.

Pastels like light green, pale purple, and cool shades are perfect for creating a calm environment. Pastel blue and similar colours are known for their soothing effects which means that this bouquet can be sent to somebody when they are going through a difficult time, to welcome a new baby, or any similar occasion.

For something a bit more fun, look for a bright container or vase and fill it with bright flowers. Choose some small daisy-like blooms as well as taller flowers to give the bouquet some height. Make sure that you enjoy plenty of contrast in terms of cool and warm colours. Add just the right amount of foliage and this bunch will impress any lucky recipient for any occasion!