Cocktail-style flowers for New Year’s

If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party or dinner, you want to make sure that everything is just right. This goes beyond the food, beverages and entertainment. It’s also important to plan your décor. The right flowers for New Year’s can make all the difference and there are some elegant yet practical ideas.

Choosing flowers

The arrangements that you will be creating are relatively simple which means that you can probably splash out a bit in terms of the cost per stem. Mini calla lilies, orchids, oriental lilies and similar blooms are all excellent flowers for New Year’s. Depending on the size of the flower, you may need just one bloom per arrangement or, if they are smaller, you can use uneven clusters of flowers.

The perfect colours

When it comes to selecting a colour, you can choose just about anything you like as long as it suits the rest of the décor. For instance, you could display lime green orchids, red roses or pink oriental lilies. There are no set rules regarding the colours of your flowers for New Year’s. Try to include a touch of sparkle but don’t overdo it since this can make your flowers look cheap rather than elegant and festive.

An impeccable display

It’s not only important to choose the right flowers for New Year’s. You also need to display them beautifully. Use a martini or margarita glass for each display. You can add fake ice cubes or transparent marbles or stones to hold the stems in place. You need to add water too, of course. If you like, you and place waterproof and battery operated LED lights in each glass.

You can add to the atmosphere of your event by using some of your glasses as candle holders. So, while most will hold your flowers for New Year’s, you can include several candles in between for soft lighting perfect for such an event.