Chrysanthemum autumn display ideas

Chrysanthemums are popular autumn flowers for a number of reasons. One reason is the fact that they are available in various colours, including a beautiful shade of pumpkin orange. If you want to put these blooms to great use this season, here are some Chrysanthemum autumn display ideas.

Bud arrangements

To make a bud flower arrangement, all you need is a single stem and a slender vase. To give this display an extra touch of autumn, you can add some acorns or similar seasonal vase fillers before adding water and then your flower stem. You can display this bud arrangement on its own or you can create a cluster of these chrysanthemum autumn displays and place them together in the middle of your table. Use vases of different heights for an even better visual effect.

Larger bouquets

If you want to spruce up an otherwise dull corner in your living room, kitchen or other area of your home, you can create a larger chrysanthemum autumn bouquet. You will need several gorgeous orange mums. You can display them on their own or you can add a few white mums or even other types of white blooms to the display. Make sure that you have dark green foliage too. You can fill the vase with seasonal vase fillers and, in this case, you could set one vase inside another. Fill the space between the two vases with your autumn vase filler and place water inside the inner vase to hold your flowers. This way, you don’t have to worry about your vase fillers getting wet.


Mums are excellent for wreaths too because they are open, large and easy to attach to a wreath and they have a huge impact. Wreaths can be displayed on doors, walls or even used as centrepieces. As a centrepiece, it can be displayed along with a votive candle to provide soothing lighting as you enjoy your dinner.

All of these chrysanthemum autumn ideas can be adapted for Halloween too. Since Halloween is only one day, you can add things like bats or ghosts on flower picks to your displays. These accessories can be removed once Halloween is over.