Christmas vase decorating ideas

When you set your Christmas flowers out on your living room or dining room table, you might be inclined to stick to something classically elegant like a clear glass vase, or even a red or white vase. However, if you don’t have any particularly stylish vases in your cupboards or if you’re looking for something different, there are a number of great ways to spice it up.

One great idea is to opt for a short flower arrangement and arrange your blooms inside a short, cylindrical vase. The vase does not need to look great because it will be completely covered. What is important is to choose a vase that is slightly shorter than your average candy cane. Stock up on enough candy canes (or perhaps buy a few extra in case you feel like a sweet snack) to cover the exterior of the vase. Make sure that the candy canes you use are wrapped in plastic if you want to eat them eventually. If you are happy using them strictly as decorations, then you can remove the plastic should you prefer. Arrange your flowers in the vase and then add your candy canes to the exterior of the vase with the rounded portons at the top, pointing outwards. You can use various materials to secure the candy canes to the vase. If you want something strong but not permanent, try using small pieces of blue tack. You can also wrap a festive ribbon around the middle of the vase to make sure that they don’t fall off.

Another great idea is to use a red jar and add evenly spaced strips of masking tape. Place them at an angle to create the same design as a candy cane. Use mod podge to coat the areas not covered with tape. Allow the mod podge to dry before applying a layer of white paint. This helps the white paint really stand out and reduces transparency. When dry, remove the masking tape to reveal the perfect red and white candy stripe design!

If you want to do something really simple, you can use a short vase and find a square box slightly larger than the vase to conceal it. Cut the top off your box and cover it with your favourite wrapping paper. You can even stick some Christmas ribbon on each side to create the impression of a wrapped gift. With your flowers gorgeously sprouting out the top, this display makes a great holiday gift for loved ones too.

These are just three fantastically festive ideas. As you look around your home and find various odds and ends, there are plenty more creative crafts that can make any ordinary vase a celebration piece!