Christmas tree uses after the holidays

Christmas is over and many people are wondering what to do with their trees. If you do not have a tree that can be planted, there are some ways in which you can put your Christmas tree to good use and avoid simply tossing it out. Here are some ideas.

Make mulch

If you have a wood shredder or you know somebody who does, you can turn your old Christmas tree into mulch for your garden. Not only is it great for adding nutrients to the soil, but it also helps keep moisture in and protect your plants and trees.


You can turn some of the shredded Christmas tree particles into compost. This is particularly handy when it comes to the smaller pieces that don’t necessarily work as mulch.

Support another tree

You can trim down the branches or your Christmas tree and use them to support other plants. The larger the branch, the larger the plant it will support. You can use the main trunk to support another growing tree in your garden.


If you like the smell of pine needles, then you should save a good amount of them to create your very own potpourri. You can mix them up with cinnamon sticks, cloves and even raw cranberries. You can place the bowl in a warm area to help release the scent into the air. You can also add some pine scented oils to refresh the potpourri once the scent is no longer as potent as you’d like.

Protect other plants

If you have any smaller plants in you garden that could use extra protection in the winter, you can use the branches of your Christmas tree as supports for some type of sheet or protective material. Place the branches in a circle around the tree and wrap the material around it to keep snow and wind from causing damage.

As you can see, there are a number of ways in which you can put your Christmas tree to great use after the holidays. If you do not want to dispose of your tree after using it to brighten your home, just remember that potted trees are also an excellent idea. They can be planted in your garden once the holidays are over.