Christmas party flower arrangement ideas

If you are planning a large Christmas dinner or lunch event, it is important to make all your arrangements ahead of time. This means that you will need to plan your food, décor and reserve the perfect venue. In some cases, the venue you rent may include tables and chairs while others are empty and you will need to rent everything separately. Once you have settled on the time, place and what you will be serving, you need to plan the décor. Christmas flowers will brighten up the venue while underlining the festive theme. Here are some important tips to remember when choosing Christmas party flower bouquets.

Seating arrangements

Before you can plan any kind of décor, you need to know how many guests will be attending and you need to set aside a space for each one. This will help determine the number of place settings and tables needed. Each table should be decorated with a bouquet of Christmas flowers. You can also add festive napkin rings to each place setting if you like. If you are using large, long tables rather than smaller ones spaced apart, you should place bouquets along the centre of these tables and space them evenly apart.

Colour scheme

While the three colours that come to mind when you think of Christmas party flower arrangements, red, white and green are not your only options. If you prefer, you could opt for red, gold and green or even just red and white. Blue and silver are a very elegant combination. You could even add some white mass flowers to the mix. Since you will not find silver flowers, you could always add accessories like silver painted sticks.

Plan the delivery

While you are obviously planning on hosting your party on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, it’s important to note that your florist will not be able to delivery Christmas party flower bouquets on these days. Therefore, you will need to arrange for them to be delivered one day early. You might be able to have them sent to the venue but, if not, you will need to store them yourself until the time comes to decorate.

Decorate the room

Apart from table centrepieces, you should also order Christmas party flower bouquets to decorate other areas of the venue. You can place a bouquet in the entrance hall as well as larger bouquets on stands to fill up any empty corners. Larger bouquets need not contain the most expensive blooms. Ask your florist for some ideas on how to make a large arrangement without it becoming too pricey.

With these tips in mind, you can decorate your event with the perfect Christmas party flower arrangements and you can be sure that your guests will be impressed! Once the event is over, you will have no use for all those bouquets. So, as your final guests start to leave, you should present them with the bouquets to take home and enjoy for the remainder of the holiday period.