Choosing a vase for your Halloween flowers

When creating the perfect Halloween flower arrangement, the vase plays an essential role in determining the theme. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun and creative ways of giving your bouquet an even spookier look.

One Halloween favourite is the classic pumpkin vase. You can choose to use a real pumpkin or shop around for a plastic or ceramic one. Either way, make sure that your pumpkin is indeed waterproof. If not, place a plastic or glass inside the pumpkin to hold the water and your flowers.

Alternatively, you could opt for an orange, black, or copper-coloured bucket. If your bucket is not the right colour, you can always paint or cover it with paper or fabric. Remember, you need only paint or cover the exterior which means that you have plenty of freedom to choose any medium you prefer.

If you have a black, orange, or clay vase, it will also work perfectly for this kind of arrangement. Clay pots are often porous which means that they might need to be lined with a waterproof holder like a glass or plastic jar.

For those who are feeling particularly creative, you can make your own vase by recycling various items around the house. Old jars, tin cans, and similar items that you might normally toss can make lovely flower holders. Consider covering one of these items with decorative paper, Halloween-themed fabric, or even some spooky paint. For a really natural approach, you could opt for a home made stick vase. All you need is enough sticks to cover the exterior of the container. Glue them in place and use rubber bands to hold them in place until the glue sets.

If you want to personalise your vase, you could put your decoupage skills to the test. Choose some fun Halloween images and Halloween photos from years past. If you want to use a particular non-waterproof container but you cannot fit a waterproof container inside it, there are other options. Dried flowers, artificial flowers, and paper flowers are all great for this time of year. Plus, they don’t need water so you really have the freedom to decorate as you wish.