Choosing the right silk flowers

Choosing the best artificial flowers can prove just as tricky as selecting the best fresh flowers. There are certain factors that need to be carefully considered before buying such a bouquet. Unlike fresh blooms, silk flowers will last for years and this is precisely why it’s so important that you take the time to make the best investment.

The first thing you need to consider is where you intend on displaying your flowers. Do you want to brighten up your living room, entrance hall, your bathroom, or even your bedroom? Do you have just one room in mind or do you want to add colour to multiple rooms throughout your home? Once you have identified the room or rooms in which you wish to display your flowers, you will need to figure out where exactly you will place each vase or container. This will help you determine the size of the bouquet you need.

The next important point to consider is the colour scheme. Not only do you want your flowers to compliment the décor in your room, but you also want the flowers to compliment the current season. For this reason, you might want to invest in a few different types of colours and change the bouquet every few months. In summer, display bright, striking colours, in spring opt for pastels, and use orange, red, dark green, brown and similar colours during the autumn. Winter bouquets can be arranged to appear festive during the Christmas period or you can simply choose one or two bold colours to brighten up your home when everything outside is rather dull and void of colour. Remember, you can use some of your flowers in more than one type of arrangement! For example, your spring bouquet can consist of mostly pastel colours with some dark purple flowers in between. These dark purple flowers can also be used in your summer, autumn, and winter bouquets.

Once you have settled on colours, it’s time to figure out what kind of container you wish to use. Vases can be filled with various items to add even more colour and style. Alternatively, you can use just about any old jar, can, or container and redecorate it to suit the bouquet and your home décor.