Choosing flowers that bloom in the warmer months

There is nothing better than decorating our homes and gardens with colourful blooms and abundant foliage. By planting the right flowering plants in your garden, you will have a beautiful view to enjoy and an abundant supply of fresh flowers during the spring and summer seasons. You can even share these flowers with your friends and loved ones.

A popular choice in many gardens is the hibiscus flowering plant. They are often placed in the garden while some people prefer the potted varieties. These plants prefer warmer weather. So, if you live in an area that enjoys particularly cold, icy, or snowy winters, it’s best to keep them in pots and bring them indoors when temperatures drop. Once the mercury starts to rise again, you can move them outdoors to their favourite spot. Hibiscus flowers are available in several colours which means that it’s easy to find at least one variety you like. They will add bold splashes of colour to your garden and they can even be used in cut flower arrangements throughout your home. Trim the younger flowers as they start to open and you will enjoy their beauty for that much longer. If you pick the flowers that have been open for a couple of days, they will not last as long in a vase.

If your garden soil is rich, it’s perfect for planting zinnias. These flowers are beautifully colourful and they bloom throughout spring and summer. You can choose a variety of colours and you can mix them up for a truly impressive floral display in your garden. Like hibiscus flowers, zinnias also make great vase arrangements so feel free to cut a few from time to time and decorate your living room, kitchen, or wherever you want to add some colour. If your garden soil is particularly sandy or has a high amount of clay, you can still grow zinnias. You will just need to prepare the planting area by adding compost first.

Some flowers, however, should be left on the plant. The purple heart flower is one example of flowers best left in the garden. These plants are best suited for hanging baskets or they can be planted in your garden. They are also excellent for anyone who does not have an actual garden but a balcony or patio instead. Alternatively, if you want a flowering plant that smells as lovely as it looks, you can’t go wrong with honeysuckle. This is the kind of flower that will attract plenty of insects and small animals so make sure that you keep it outdoors!