Chocolate orchid growing tips

Chocolate orchids are wonderful for beginners and experienced gardeners. They release a lovely chocolate-like scent into the air that will make anyone smile! If you are an orchid enthusiast, this is one that you have to add to your collection! They are available in a number of variations and they have been hybridized on a great scale in order to create such diversity.

These orchids require high levels of humidity like many other plants. Place the pot on a tray of pebbles filled with water. This ensures that the water evaporates instead of being absorbed by the soil. This creates the perfect humid environment for your orchid to thrive. You should also make sure that the pot provides proper drainage. Chocolate orchids might love humidity but they don’t enjoy soggy roots!

As for temperature, this orchid isn’t as fussy as some other varieties. They prefer warmer weather and if the room temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, then you might want to move the pot to a warmer spot. If you plant them outside or set the pots outdoors, you should bring them inside in the winter.

Water this plant daily but, again, remember the importance of proper drainage! Orchids are commonly affected by root rot and once it sets in, you will have to discard the plant. The pseudobulbs of the Chocolate Orchid will shrivel up if the plant is being under-watered so you can watch this part of the plant to play it safe.

These plants also need a fair amount of sunlight. They can survive in various conditions and with various levels of light but plenty of indirect sun is great. Remember, too much sun will harm this plant so choose its home carefully. Morning sun is also best for most flowering plants and house plants.

Remember, if you are inclined to crave chocolate, you may want to keep some on hand when this plant is in bloom! The smell of the flowers alone can trigger a craving!