Cheer up flowers for a friend

When you receive a fresh flower delivery, you will certainly feel filled with joy. If it’s not your birthday or any special occasion, you might even feel somewhat confused as to why you are receiving fresh blooms when there’s no specific occasion. Flowers have an amazing way of cheering us up and making us feel so much more positive. Which is what makes them the perfect gift when you want to cheer up a loved one. Cheer up flowers come in all shapes and sizes, here’s what you need to keep in mind when showing a friend some much-needed support.

After a breakup

It’s not easy to simply plaster a smile on your face when you’ve just broken up with your partner. In the case of a divorce it can be even more difficult, but the right bouquet can change all that. The one thing you want to be careful of is the type of flowers you send to your friend. You do not want to send a bouquet that will remind them of their ex. In other words, avoid any type of flower or colour that could appear romantic in any way. Bright yellows, orange and white are usually a good place to start. A mixed bouquet with several colours is also a pretty safe bet.

Lost their job

Losing your job is never easy and it can cause a great deal of stress. If your friend or loved one has lost their job, they can certainly use some cheer up flowers. Don’t choose anything too extravagant. It could remind them that you are still employed while they are not. Instead, have the flowers delivered to your address and present them in person. Offer your friend a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand. Offer to help them look for another job even if it is something temporary. If there is any other way you can help, let them know what you are able to do to make their life easier.

Feeling down

Sometimes we just feel down. Many people suffer from varying degrees of depression. Since fresh flowers have such a positive effect on the mind and our mood, it’s no wonder cheer up flowers are so effective at lifting spirits. Make sure that you choose a bouquet that is bright and full of life. These colours will help bring out the most positive emotions and give your friend something to smile about.

Don’t let your friends struggle alone. Send fresh flowers to make their day and let them know that you care. When you send a bouquet directly to them, don’t forget to include a message so that they know that you are thinking of them and there to support them.