Cheap flowers for Valentine’s Day

The festive season is just behind us and already it’s time to plan for yet another occasion – Valentine’s Day. If you are like most people out there, your budget is probably really tight at the beginning of the year due to all the extra holiday spending. All the more reason to look for a bargain when it comes to romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day. Remember, just because you are shopping for cheap flowers, this does not mean that they have to look anything less than amazing!

Red roses are by far the most popular of all romantic flowers which is why they are associated with Valentine’s Day. You will also notice that rose prices often spike around February because of the high demand. If you are not able to afford a bouquet of red roses, you could opt for a bud arrangement instead. Bud arrangements consist of a single flower (in this case a single red rose) and you may add some filler (like baby’s breath) and a touch of foliage for good measure. You will need a slender vase in which to display this arrangement and then you’re all set!

Another great option is to mix it up a bit rather than only choosing red roses. Ask your florist for a red bouquet that includes roses as well as other red flowers. Have your florist wrap the bouquet in some colouful paper and tie it all together with a decorative ribbon. Handheld bouquets are great if you are trying to save money on a vase of if you know that your partner has plenty of vases already.

When searching for cheap flowers for Valentine’s Day, make sure that you take note of the flowers that are currently in season. Seasonal flowers are usually cheaper because they are readily available and they don’t need to be artificially cultivated or imported. It’s much the same as the fruit and vegetable market. If you can find other red flowers, like carnations, at your florist, you will surely notice a significant price difference.

If you want a bouquet of flowers that looks fabulous and full, look for one with additional foliage. Adding foliage helps your flowers really a stand out and it makes the bouquet look even more impressive. Foliage is also often quite cheap compared to fresh flowers which means that you can make your bouquet even larger without breaking the bank. Just be careful not to add too much foliage or you’ll hardly notice the flowers.

Finally, never underestimate the power of the right accessories. Florists often sell optional extras like stuffed animals, luxury chocolates, and sparkling wine that you can order along with your flowers. By ordering one of these extra items, you can make your gift even more special and you can save yourself a trip to the shop.