New baby flowers tips and advice

When a baby is born, everyone wants to meet the new boy or girl and it’s also a reason for everyone to celebrate. Of course, if you have never shopped for new baby flowers, you might not know where to begin. So here are some excellent tips to help you find the perfect bouquet to welcome the little one and make the new parents smile even more!

Choose a colour

Pink is associated with girls while blue is associated with boys. Unlike a baby shower, you should now know whether the baby is a boy or girl and you can shop for new baby flowers in the appropriate colour. If you prefer, however, you can opt for a neutral yet joyful yellow bouquet. These arrangements are also great if mum has welcomed twins – one boy and one girl. You don’t need to send two bouquets. Instead, you can send one arrangement in a neutral colour.

Types of flowers

When choosing types of new baby flowers, you should avoid those that have too much airborne pollen. Roses are great as are lilies provided you have the stamens removed. Not only do you want to protect mum from sneezing, but you also want to keep any air pollutants to a minimum since newborn babies are particularly sensitive.

Hospital flower delivery

You can send new baby flowers directly to the hospital if you like. Usually these types of deliveries are best for those who are particularly close with the parents. The last thing anyone wants is to overcrowd the new mother’s room with bunches and bunches of blooms.

Home flower delivery

In many cases, it is best to wait for mum and baby to arrive home before you send new baby flowers. This way, they will brighten the home even more and the new parents will really be able to enjoy them. If there were any complications or if the newborn spent time in the NICU, it is also best to wait until they are safe at home before you send any gifts or flowers.

Don’t forget to send a thoughtful card along with your new baby flowers. Not only will this card let mum and dad know who arranged the flower delivery, but it will also be an interesting keepsake for baby to behold when they get older.