The Celebrity choice bouquet

Everyone in the world has a favourite flower. But how many of us actually know the favourite flowers of the celebrities. In this article I will give you a sneak peak letting you know which celebrities like which flowers.

Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Britney Spears

These three women are quite possibly three of the most famous women of all time. They all have things in common but they all differ in great ways. However they all share the same love for one flower. That flower is the delicate and beautiful white rose.

The white rose is the symbol and courage, elegance and mystery – three characteristics that all these women share. The beautiful flowers are placed on Marilyn Monroe’s Hollywood star and Madonna asks for them regularly in her backstage dressing rooms when performing at concerts.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a fan of the orchid. The orchid is a classic favourite among many celebrities and it really is a gorgeous flower. Jolie picks it for many celebrations and special occasions. The orchid family is a strange one as there are more species of the orchid than of any other plant but they are rare and sought after a lot. The orchid symbolises love, luxury, beauty and strength, it is no wonder they are now one of the most famous flowers in the world.

Michael Jackson and Drew Barrymore

I bet when you woke up this morning you wouldn’t have thought you would be reading something that said Michael Jackson and Drew Barrymore had something in common but they do. They are both great lovers of sunflowers. After Michael Jackson’s untimely death in 2009 it became common knowledge the sunflower was his favourite flower after ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, requested that sunflowers be placed on his burial site. The sunflower represents warmth, happiness, adoration, longevity, peace and tranquillity. This may also be why it is the favourite flower of Drew Barrymore as the flowers characteristics fits well with her playful and young personality.

Napoleon Bonaparte

In 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte had a revelation at a time when he was forced to make a very difficult decision. The revelation came to him after a bunch of violets were given to him by a beautiful small child and after this happened he considered the violet to be an “emblem of his wishes”. It was a flower which held a great significance to him and it later became the symbol of Bonapartists.