Celebrating Mother’s Day around the world

Mother’s Day is one of the most important occasions each year. On this day, children get to show mum some extra love and appreciation. It’s interesting to note that every country has its own unique traditions for this special occasion. Here’s how various countries celebrate.

United Kingdom

In the UK, Mother’s Day is known as Mothering Sunday. It started as a religious holiday in honour of the Virgin Mary. Only after WWII did this become a day on which all mothers are celebrated. Traditional gifts for this occasion include Simnel cake. However, today we have seen some changes in traditional gifts and many children enjoy sending fresh flowers, chocolates, pamper hampers, perfume and jewellery.


The Japanese are known for their strict and respectful culture. Children are taught to respectful towards those older than them and Mother’s Day in Japan is a real treat for mum. Red carnations are a popular gift for Japanese mothers and they are also presented with gifts like scarves and purses.


In Poland, Mother’s Day is celebrated by children presenting their mothers with a special card. This card is called Laurki and it is decorated with flowers and includes a special message inside.


You know it’s Mother’s Day in Mexico when you hear mariachi bands almost everywhere you go. Mothers are serenaded and young children make gifts for mum while older children buy something special for her. This is a colourful occasion and, in true Mexican style, there is an abundance of colour on the lunch or dinner table.


In Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated in August which is considerably later than most other countries. This is because it coincides with the Queen of Thailand’s birthday. In Thailand, the traditional gift is a jasmine flower. It can be given on its own or presented as part of a larger gift.

Now, when celebrating Mother’s Day, wherever you are in the world, there is only one thing you need to remember: it’s all about mum. Put her first and you can be sure that she will have an amazing day from start to finish.