How to care for potted Azaleas

Azaleas are beautiful additions to any home and, with the right care, you can enjoy plenty of delightful blooms. Depending on the plant you choose, your azalea could produce pink, lavender, red, peach, white, or even bi-coloured flowers. Some varieties even produced flowers with ruffled petals and the dark leaves make this plant a lovely decorative piece even when it’s not in bloom.

Azaleas prefer bright light and cool temperatures and, when they are happy, they will bloom for three to four weeks. If you want your plant to re-bloom, it might be somewhat challenging by not impossible. The plant will need two months of cold (not freezing) weather during the autumn or winter in order to produce more buds.

By pruning your plant, you wil also ensure that they will branch out further. This makes for a more attractive plant and allows for more growth. You should only prune this plant after it is done flowering. Another good tip to remember is to cut the stem at a 45 degree angle about ΒΌ inch above the leaf node. The leaf node is the point at which the branch or leaf is attached to the stem or branch. Always use sharp, clean pruning shears so that your pruning does not result in unnecessary damage.

Keep your plant away from sources of heat like fire places, heaters, and so on. If they get too warm, the flower buds will perish before they even have a chance to open. Usually every three years, your azalea will need to be replanted. Make sure that you do so when the plant is done flowering and always use a pot with draining holes.

You can fertilize the plant during its growing season but you should stop when your plant is finished producing flowers. Your plant will no longer require quite as much nutrients when it becomes dormant which is why here is no need to fertilize until it enters its growing season again.

If you plan on sending a potted azalea to a loved one or friend, you might want to include some helpful care tips. This will help ensure that the recipient gets the most out of this floral gift.