Burn fabric edges to make flowers

If you enjoy experimenting with arts and crafts or even if you like to pass the time by doing something useful, you will enjoy making beautiful flowers. With just a few basic supplies, some time, and a touch of patience, you will have a fun fabric arrangement that you can enjoy for years to come! While fresh flowers are the very picture of perfection, it’s sometimes disappointing when your bouquet starts to wilt. These flowers, on the other hand, will last significantly longer and they look better than those cheap artificial flowers found at craft shops.

Things you need:

  • Light fabrics such as tulle, organza, and chiffon

  • Cookie cutters and a fabric pen

  • Thread and needle

  • Pair of scissors

  • Candle

  • Beads for extra colour and texture

  • Green pipe cleaners or wire

  • Fabric glue

How to:

  • Use the cookie cutters and fabric pen to draw 10 circles on the various types of fabric.

  • You will need more than one type of fabric for each flower. Since different fabrics have different fire resistance, it will give your flowers a fantastic realistic look.

  • The circles can be different sizes too and they don’t need to be perfect.

  • Cut out the the circles with a pair of scissors.

  • Cut three to five slits in each circle, depending on the size of the circle. Each of the cuts should be approximately one third of the diameter of the circle. Cut from the outside towards the centre of the circle.

  • Pack the circles on top of one another and make sure that the larger ones are at the bottom with smaller ones on top.

  • Use your sewing needle and the thread to stitch the circles together at the centre.

  • You can use beads to decorate the centre of the flower.

  • Now it’s time to light your candle and carefully singe the edges of the fabric. The synthetic materials will curl up which is great for creating that realistic look.

  • You can use a pin or clip to transform this flower into a hairclip or broach. You can also attach a green wire or pipe cleaner as a stem.

Helpful tips:

  • Remember to always keep some water on hand when working with fire.

  • It’s also important to make sure that you work in a well vetilated area.

  • You can use various colours in order to make some creative combinations.

  • The thread you choose should also suit the colour of the flowers and the beads should be as bright as possible so that they stand out.