Bring your flowers back to Life!

People might not be tempted into buying flowers that much because of the relative short lifespan that flowers have. However there are many things that you can do with flowers when they become withered and die. Only keeping old, dead flowers is a good thing if they are serving a purpose. Below is five things you can do with old flowers to prolong their purpose in your home.

 1.     You can use old flowers to keep fresh flowers healthy: When old flowers die you can use the petals of the flowers. You can place these withered petals in the soil of younger, fresher flowers as these petals will be full of nutrients which will help keep the flowers healthy.

 2.     Make Potpourri: When the flowers have dried, please dry the flowers. Then put the flowers in a jar of fragrant oil. Allow them to soak up the oil and let them dry on a sheet of wax paper. Once this mixture has dried you will now have a wonderful smelling potpourri.

 3.     Make Candles: Add the dried flowers to candle wax. The candles will get a unique look and will be very sentimental. Use the candles as a decoration in your home. Even give them to your friends and family as gifts.

 4.     Composting: Add old flowers to compost so they will add to the nutritional soil. Use the compost when the planting season comes. Old flowers make the perfect addition to your compost bin.

 5.     Preserve flowers by pressing: Place at least one flower in an old book you don’t use and leave it there. This will “press” the flower and allow it to become a keepsake for you. After a long time you might be able to sew the old flowers as a bookmark.