Brighten up any room with orange flowers

Flowers are available in a wide variety of colours. Orange is one of the most common flower colours and they are excellent for brightening up any room too. Orange flowers can be displayed on their own or paired with other colours like yellow and red if you like. You can even opt for a bouquet of mixed orange flowers. Remember, there are many orange flowers out there but they do not all have the same shade of orange. Different orange flowers also have different meanings which is why it’s important to understand flower meanings before sending a bouquet.

Orange flowers that have a slight touch of red are a symbold of romance and passion. If you feel strongly about somebody, flowers of this colour combination are an excellent choice. Darker orange flowers symbolise a loss of trust which means that you could send this colour bouquet if you are trying to win somebody back. Golden orange flowers represent wisdom and wealth which makes them great for wishing somebody good luck. Orange blooms with a touch of yellow are a symbol of good health so, if somebody is unwell or in the hospital, they are perfect for helping them feel better.

After choosing the right shade of orange for the occasion and recipient, you should look for flowers available in the shade you need. Some flowers that are available in various shades of orange include roses, gerbera daisies, carnations, and lilies. Orange gerberas look lovely when arranged with red gerberas and rich green foliage. Tulips also come in orange as do cosmos and marigolds. If you want to make a tropical flower arrangement, you should look for lush orange blooms and perhaps even a few blue flowers for the perfect contrast.

Orange flowers are also great for pressing and drying because they old on to their colour nicely. If you want to press your flowers, you should choose flat flowers. For drying, fuller flowers like roses are best. Delicate flowers are not ideal for pressin or drying but you can press the petals separately.