Bouvardia Flower Facts

Bouvardia flowers are made up of beautiful clusters of little tube like flowers and they are available throughout the year.  They make wonderful additions to a number of different kinds of bouquets and arrangements and, depending on the type and style of bouquet, can be used as either filler or accent flowers.  They are known to symbolize enthusiasm so, what better flower to include in your wedding, birthday or anniversary flower arrangements?

Bouvardias are available in white, red, pink and salmon.  They have a soft and gentle perfume which echos their feminine colour and appearance.  Common names used to refer to these flowers include Royal Katty, Pink Luck and Albatross.  This flower was named after Louis XIII’s personal physician, Charles Bouvard.  He was also the superintendent of the Royal Gardens in Paris.

Pink Bouvardia

Once cut, Bouvardia flowers are known to last between 7 and 10 days.  This provided they are kept in suitable conditions which includes sufficient clean water.  They are rather thirsty flowers so make sure you check their water regularly and never leave them going without.

They also do not do well in colder temperatures so, if you have them in a bouquet and you need to store them until time of delivery, make sure that your fridge is no colder than 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is understandable when you consider that their country of origin is Mexico!

Because they are available in light colours and white, they can easily be added to a number of different colour bouquets.  If you are using warm colours in your bouquet such as yellow and orange, what better flowers to use than some red Bouvardias as a finishing touch?  If you choose the same colour as is used in the rest of your bouquet, this can work too but they won’t stand out as much.  Splashes of a deeper or darker colour are perfect for that dramatic effect and you will only need a few here and there to achieve this.  They will also add some nice texture to a bouquet even if you use the same shades as the rest of the flowers.  For example, an all white bouquet would look lovely with some white Bouvardias here and there.

Also, it is interesting to know that it’s not just flowers like carnations and roses that are available in silk.  There are a number of companies out there selling silk Bouvardias too!  This is wonderful because you can get them in just about any colour now!  Remember that, even if you are using mainly fresh flowers, you can mix and match.  In other words, you can include some silk flowers in between your other fresh flowers if you like.  This is handy because, in the case of  Bouvardians, they aren’t available in all colours like blue and purple.  Perhaps, if you plan on including gold or silver in your colour scheme, you can order some in these colours.  They will stand out wonderfully against the rest of the flowers.