Bold orchid floral displays

Orchids are known for their intriguing beauty and for being some of the longest lasting cut flowers. When you visit your favourite florist or shop for flowers online, you are bound to come across arrangements that include orchids as well as potted orchids. Another great fact about these flowers is that they are wonderfully versatile.

One of the most popular ways of enjoying an orchid is as a potted plant or as a single stem flower arrangement. There’s something about that one tall stem and perfect flowers that make orchids more than enough all on their own.

Orchids are also extremely popular in oriental flower displays. They add an element of height as well as that exotic touch and even a splash of bright colour depend on the type of orchid you choose. They are accompanied by bamboo and some other suitable flowers like lilies or cherry blossoms which helps them stand out even more.

Different types of orchids are often used in various wedding flower arrangements. Since they often fetch a considerable price compared to other florist flowers, they might only make an appearance in the bridal bouquet. If the bride and groom have a larger budget, they can be used in the ceremony and reception as well.

Given the price of each stem, many people believe that orchids are only used in smaller, more modest floral displays. This is not always the case and they can, in fact, also be used in larger arrangements. Several long stems can be placed in a vase to create a superb and elegant effect. In most cases, such displays call for the brighter colours like purple. If you use white orchids, their beauty might fade into the background. This is particularly the case when you don’t include any foliage. Green foliage helps flowers stand out but, in the case of orchids, they are often best displayed without any greenery.

A large bunch of orchids can be accessorised by adding spiral-shaped green sticks and perhaps even a colourful butterfly pick. If you really want to group your orchids with other flowers, you should consider lilies (particularly calla lilies), roses, and even exotic beauties like the bird of paradise flower. Remember that orchids are best used in bouquets with a bit height. Given their long stems, it’s a shame to cut them down. Consider vertical and triangular shaped bouquets when using orchids. As for the greenery, it’s always good to stick with fine grasses, bamboo and anything with a linear shape.