Birthday flowers inspired by birth stone

Every month of the year is associated with a special stone. These birth stones have become the source of inspiration for many types of birthday gifts, including fresh flower arrangements. Birth stone inspired bouquets are not only about including a flower that will best represent the appropriate stone. It’s also about choosing additional flowers and foliage to complement these flowers as well as the current season.

For the month of March, the aquamarine is the stone that will inspire your bouquet. Deep and sea blue flowers are ideal for creating the perfect colour scheme. Accompany these flowers with some pale yellow or off-white blooms for some much-needed colour contrast.

The garnet is the natural stone associated with the month of January. This stone is not just a single colour. The pyrope garnet is known for its luxurious pink colours best represented by rich pink roses. You can also use flowers with green centres, like alstromeria and other foliage to represent the green shades of the tsavorite garnet.

An October birthday bouquet should include elements of autumn as well as colours that represent the natural stone, the opal. This means that you can include a variety of colours from bright orange and deep purple to pale pink, pure white, and a touch of greenery. Remember, if you want to create a beautiful contrast of textures, it’s good to use flatter flowers like germinis and flowers that are not so flat, such as roses. Make sure that the colours and textures of these blooms create a beautiful contrast for best results.

As you can see, the birth stone of each month is represented in each bouquet. While it will prove to be the dominant visual aspect in the bouquet, it will not be the only element and contrasting flowers will help the main focal flowers stand out even more. So, when you want to spoil somebody special with a thoughtful birthday bouquet, think about sending a birth stone inspired bouquet.