Birthday flowers to honour a lost loved one

It’s always tough when you lose somebody you love. It becomes even tougher on the heart when that person’s birthday comes around. You think about all the happy birthdays you spent together and it’s tough not to feel at least a bit gutted at the thought of never watching them open their gifts or blow out the candles again. Here are some lovely ways of honouring that lost loved one.

Lilies are the perfect way of paying your respects and they are associated with purity. This meaning makes it an excellent symbol of the renewed innocence of the soul after death. You can choose a bouquet that consists of Asiatic lilies alone or you can add a few perfect roses and perhaps some Queen Anne’s lace too.

Roses come in a wide range of colours and shades. They are perfect for symbol of love and each colour has a slightly different meaning. For example, red roses are associated with a deep form of love whereas yellow roses symbolise friendship. You can even order several colours and put them together to create a colourful mixed bouquet.

Finally, if you are ever in doubt, you should choose that person’s favourite kind of flowers. So, if you know that they love hydrangeas, gerbera daisies, carnations, chrysanthemums, or any other kind of flower, then this should be your flower of choice. Remember, there’s no reason to steer clear of bright colours just because this is a somewhat somber occasion. You can still remember and celebrate their life and honour their memory by choosing their favourite flowers and perhaps even their favourite colour.

Place this bouquet beside their gravestone if you like, or set the flowers in a vase beside their photograph. You could even scatter the flowers or set them down at the site where you spread their ashes. This is an extremely personal experience and it’s important to choose whatever will bring you peace.