The most beautiful flowers for your home

Whether you are looking for blooms to set in a vase or the best plants to decorate your garden, it’s always good to make a list before you begin shopping around. There are so many amazing floral beauties out there and many of them are available in several superb colours.

Stargazer Lilies

These lilies are classified as oriental lilies and they have a truly remarkable appearance. The centre of each petal is dark pink in colour and this colour gently fades into a white outer margin. It is worth noting that these flowers are not safe for pets. If you do order or receive a flower delivery with stargazer lilies, it would be best to keep these blooms out of their reach.

Sweet Peas

Available in red, pink, purple and white, sweet peas are delightful blooms with a wonderful sweet fragrance. Native to Sicily, they are now popular around the world.


For more experienced gardeners, begonias are a worthy challenge. They are not the easiest to grow but their flowers make that effort all worthwhile. They are available in several colours including red and yellow.


Another beautiful flower and flowering plant. If you plan on growing hydrangeas, you will need to ensure that they get just the right amount of light and plenty of water. As their name suggests, these plants enjoy lots of water. As cut flowers they are just as thirsty which means that you need to keep your eye on the water level of the vase. The colour of these flowers will depend on the pH of the soil. Colours include various shades of pink, purple and blue as well as white.


One of the most popular blooms during the spring and summer, tulips are available in various colours. A bouquet of mixed tulips in a vase will certainly brighten any room in your home and it will always make a colourful statement.


What many people love about dahlias is the fact that they are so rich in colour and texture. Each bloom is abundant in small petals that overlap one another to create a truly generous-looking bloom. Available in bold as well as pastel shades, you can easily choose the colour that best suits your personal preferences.


Another top choice and one of the flowers that your florist will like to keep in stock throughout the year. Even when not in season, chrysanthemums always prove popular as imported flowers. Available in a wide variety of colours and sizes, chrysanthemums are often used as mass or filler flowers in bouquets.


There are so many different types of orchid from which to choose but it is worth mentioning that some are easier to grow than others. Orchids are often cultivated as houseplants although they can also be included in flower arrangements. As cut flowers, orchids are the longest lasting. That said, many people still choose to send an orchid plant rather than a bouquet because this is a luxurious gift that will keep on giving.


The rose is obviously and understandably one of the most popular and easy to recognise flowers in the world. Red roses are popular for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day while yellow roses are the perfect symbol of your friendship. There are many different types of roses including garden roses, hybrid tea roses, and even spray roses which are of the smaller variety. Smaller roses are often used as mass flowers in a bouquet. Certain rose varieties can be grown in pots while others are best planted in your garden. They are usually not very fussy and can be easy to grow but it is important to keep an eye out for pests.


These flowers are truly unique in their appearance and size. Depending on how large you wish for your bouquet to turn out, you could use a single protea or a cluster of three as your main focal point. They can be paired with various other flowers and foliage or even a succulent.

These are just some of the most popular flowers that you can use to decorate your home and garden. Some of these flowering plants can survive the winter by entering a dormant phase while others cannot. Make sure that you discuss this with an expert before making any additions to your garden.