Beautiful flowers for the mother of the bride

The bride and groom are the main focal points of any wedding. Of course, there are also other members of the bridal party who are also very important. One of these being the mother of the bride. It is important to remember that she is to thank for raising the bride and she is the one who will most likely struggle the most when her baby leaves the nest. Make sure that she knows how important she is by presenting her with some beautiful flowers on this special day.

Include her in the planning

When you order beautiful flowers for your wedding, you will need to plan the blooms for the ceremony, reception and handheld bouquets too. The groom and his groomsmen will usually wear boutonnieres while the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom should each be presented with a bouquet or corsage. Many women enjoy carrying nosegays around. However, if you want to keep it simple and allow mum to have her hands free, a wrist corsage will work really nicely. You can also have your hair stylist include some small blooms in her hair for the event.

A toast to the mother of the bride

Usually the best man and maid of honour will take turns toasting and roasting the newly weds. However, it is not only up to them to make speeches. The groom will also usually stand up and say a few words too. In some cases, the bride may also like to speak. When the groom speaks, he can use this opportunity to present his mother-in-law with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. If the bride also has a stepmother, it is important that you include her too. You do not want anyone to feel left out!

Types of flowers

One of the greatest questions that couples ask is what types of blooms they should present to the mother of the bride. There are several beautiful flowers from which to choose. Unlike the bride’s bouquet, there is no need to match a particular theme or colour scheme. Some of the best colours for mum include pink, purple, yellow and orange. You can choose between a bright and pastel coloured arrangement, depending on mum’s personality. Some of the best types of flowers to use include roses, lilies, carnations and baby’s breath.

The most important thing to remember is that your words and the way in which you present these beautiful flowers is the most important of all. Take your time to plan what you want to say to let her know just how much you care for and appreciate her.