Beautiful blooms for your winter bouquet

Flowers are not just for the warmer months of the year. You can use them to decorate your home throughout the year. In fact, beautiful blooms are just what everyone needs to chase away those winter blues. Here are some of the best flowers you can use to brighten your home over the next few weeks.


If you are looking for beautiful blooms that will add colour to your home, you should consider alstroemeria. There are many varieties that bloom during this time of year. They are also known for having an impressive vase life. These flowers represent achievement, friendship and devotion so they make a lovely gift too.


These bell-shaped flowers have become increasingly popular round the world. They are available in different colours and are even one of the top choices for wedding bouquets. If you want to keep them happy in a vase, make sure that you remove any excess foliage and change the vase water every couple of days.

Oriental lilies

These beautiful blooms are the very picture of luxury. With their glorious large petals, they will certainly have an amazing effect on any room. These flowers are also known for their long vase life and you should be able to enjoy them for up to 14 days. Of course, like with any other blooms, it’s important to take proper care of these cut stems and provide them with fresh water regularly. Cutting the stems under water will also help prevent air from entering the stems and extend vase life. As for colours, white is the top choice which means that you can add some lush foliage and you’ll have a simple yet splendid bouquet.


Of all the beautiful blooms that you will find at your local florist, roses are the number one choice for many. Not only are they available in just about every colour, but they are also suitable for all occasions. Red roses are especially suited for colder times of the year because they will help warm up your environment. You can pair them with some dark green foliage or even green berries. These bouquets make excellent displays for coffee tables, as dinner table centrepieces and more.


There are a number of orchids from which you can choose when visiting your florist. The dendrobium orchid is particularly luxurious and it enjoys plenty of indirect sunlight. They are best enjoyed as potted plants since this will ensure that you can get the most out of each bloom. With the right care, they will continue to grow and bloom for years to come.

These are just a few of the most beautiful blooms that you can enjoy during these chilly months. You can display them on their own or combine them with other flowers if you like. Remember to either choose a white colour scheme or something bright and warm. Pastels are better suited for the spring months.