Beautiful birthday bouquets for January

If one of your friends or loved ones celebrates their birthday in January, it can easily make them feel a little less special. Since so many people stretch their budgets over the festive season, the first month of the new year does not leave much room for buying extravagant gifts. With proper planning, however, you too can let those January babies feel extra special by sending the perfect birthday bouquets and gifts.

The perfect birthday bouquets

Every month of the year is associated with a specific flower. Which means that you can send a beautiful, practical and thoughtful gift all in one! All you need to do is choose an arrangement that includes the birth flower for this month. For January, it should not be difficult at all since the flower associated with this month is the carnation. Available in various colours, you can order a bouquet that consists solely of carnations or at least have them included.

Remember their birthstone

Just like birthday bouquets that consist of the appropriate birth flowers, you can also find those that are inspired by the birthstone for this month. The January birthstone is the garnet. It is available in various colours but it is usually red and this makes sense when you consider the meaning of the name garnet. It comes from the Latin word ‘granatum’ which means ‘pomegranate’. With this in mind, you have several choices. Firstly, you could choose jewellery that includes this stone or, you can select a bouquet that includes this deep red colour. Either way, it will be symbolic of their birth month.

That little something extra

You don’t have to go over the top when sending a birthday gift but you can take it up a notch to make your gift even more unique. When taking your pick from the various birthday bouquets, you will notice that you can add optional extras to your flower order. Some examples include balloons, chocolates, wine and even birthday cake. Consider what the recipient will enjoy the most and make your selection accordingly.

No matter the type of birthday bouquets you choose to send this year, you should always remember to include a personal message for the recipient. After the flowers eventually perish and the chocolates have been enjoyed, it’s your words that will remain.