Baby shower flowers and hosting tips

If you are hosting a baby shower, you will know just how much planning is involved. From the guest list to the food, decorations and everything in between, you need to make sure that everything is just right. Here are some of the best tips to keep in mind.

Baby shower theme

Many people choose a pink theme for girls and a blue theme for boys. However, if you don’t know what the mum-to-be is expecting, you can always opt for something neutral like yellow or turquoise. You can also use more than one colour if you like. Remember that pastels are best as opposed to bright colours. Think about the colours used in a baby’s room for example.

Baby shower flowers

When you want to choose the best baby shower flowers to represent this happy occasion, you have plenty of options. Roses are a popular choice and there are many colours from which to choose. Pink and purple are perfect for girls while white and yellow are excellent for boys. If you are not sure what mum is expecting, you could even opt for a mixture that includes a bit of everything.

Violets are associated with the renewal of spring and how love conquers all. This makes them a lovely addition for a baby shower. Chrysanthemums are another popular choice. Rich in texture and available in several colours, this flower is a popular good luck gift for expectant mothers.

Baby shower gifts

This is a bit of a two-part project. The first being that you will need to think of a gift that you can give to the baby and parents. The second is coordinating with your guests to make sure that everyone brings something different. Make a list of all the essentials and some luxury items. When you send out your invitations, you can include a list and ask the guests to phone you to confirm what they will be buying.

Food and fun

As for the food, this really depends on personal preference. Keep mum-to-be in mind and make sure that you offer plenty of nutritious foods. During pregnancy, she might not be able to consume certain foods like shellfish so be sure to keep these off the menu. Consider adding some fun with games. The gift sender guessing game is one of the most popular. The guest of honour will have to try to guess who the gift is from before opening it. If she gets it wrong, she will need to do something (funny yet safe) as a form of ‘punishment’. If you are hosting mum and dad, you can let them have a blindfolded nappy changing competition.

It’s always fun to see who manages to change baby first. Most important of all is to have fun! Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and a guest or two. You don’t have to do it all alone. Maybe one person can take care of the baby shower flowers while you take care of the food, for example.