Autumn wreath design with fruit and flowers

Wreaths have proven popular decorative items for many years. There are so many designs that suit every season and theme. Wreaths will also help you decorate without taking up space in your home because they can be hung on doors or walls. If you want to create the perfect autumn wreath, there are several ways of doing this. You can add fruit, in different forms, as well as flowers. Here are some beautiful ideas to help you get started.

Creating your wreath

Just like a bouquet of fresh flowers, you need to prepare to create your autumn wreath by creating the perfect foundation. Start by planning your colour scheme and this will help you determine the best base and base colour. Depending on the type of wreath you wish to create (fresh, dried or artificial), you can use floral foam, polystyrene or even wire mesh for your base. Dried vines are also great. Either way, if you are using any artificial materials for your base, you will need to conceal it with foliage before you add your decorative accents. Vine bases can remain as they are.

Add fresh fruit

Wire mesh bases are great if you want to add fresh fruit to your autumn wreath. This is because they are stronger than other bases and it’s easier to secure your fruit in place. Make sure that you use smaller varieties of fruit. For example, choose really small apples, lemons and limes instead of those that are the size of your fist. Mini pumpkins are also a great idea. Consider the weight of each fruit before adding it to your wreath. You will need strong wire to secure the fruit in place. If you want your fruit to stay fresh looking, you should dip them in floor wax and allow to dry before securing in place. Of course, you should add the wire to the fruit before dipping. This will also make it easier for you to hang them to dry.

Add dried fruit

Another great idea for your autumn wreath is to add dried fruit. You can add whole fruits or fruit slices. Slices of citrus fruits look particularly lovely and they suit the season wonderfully. All you need to do is use some hot glue and stick them in place. They are lightweight enough to stay in place without much fuss. Since your fruit is already dried, it will last longer than your fresh fruit wreath design.

Add artificial fruit

This is yet another great way of adding fruit without worrying about them going bad or weighing down your autumn wreath. Some fruit looks really fake but others look quite realistic. So, take your time to shop around for the better quality versions. Add only citrus fruit, apples and maybe some prunes for their colour. Avoid anything tropical like bananas or pineapple since this will not suit the seasonal theme.

Adding flowers

Flowers are also an important part of your autumn wreath design. You will need to decide between fresh, dried and artificial based on the overall design you have chosen. Each of these options has its own advantages so it really is personal choice. Just make sure that you stick to autumn colours like dark red, rusty orange and mustard yellow. You can add some plum and off-white coloured blooms too if you like.

Now that you know how to incorporate flowers and fruit into your autumn wreath design, all that remains is for you to get started! Let your creativity lead the way! Start with a small design and, if you find that it’s too heavy, you can always set it on your dining room table and place a votive candle in the middle.