Autumn plant care tips

The autumn season is beautifully colourful and superbly mild. It’s not too cold or too hot which is what many of us enjoy. Of course, autumn is also nature’s way of giving us time to prepare for the even colder weather that is bound to come. Now is the time to get yourself, your home, and your plants ready for the winter.

First things first, you have probably noticed that there’s not as many hours of sunlight now. Lower temperatures also mean that your plants will not need as much water. They also will not need to be watered as often. Thorough watering once a week is usually adequate. Excessive watering will have a negative effect on the plants and problems like root rot may occur. Some plants enjoy autumn feeding to help them get through the winter. Make sure that you do so moderately and do not feed excessively.

As for their light needs, you might need to move your potted plants to a more suitable location. For the most part, plants usually prefer a west or east facing location. Keep your plants near, but not too close to the brightest window in that part of your home. Keeping a safe distance means that you are protecting your plants from sunburn. While it might sound strange, plants can also be burned by the sun. Burning is particularly common when watering in the middle of the day. Watering in the evening or early in the morning is best even if you feel like the autumn sun is not that strong.

Make sure that you take note of each of your plants’ needs regarding pruning and feeding during this time of year. Many plants require spring pruning so you don’t want to overdo it in the autumn. If you need to replant any of your potted plants, make sure that you do so at the right time and be sure to use the right type of pot and potting soil when planning their move. Proper preparation in autumn will help your plants survive the winter and thrive as soon as the weather starts warming up.