Autumn flowers to decorate your desk

Some of the most popular floral colours for autumn bouquets include red, yellow, orange, green, brown, and cream. While your summer bouquets are usually bursting with bright colours, autumn arrangements are associated with certain specific colours as well as certain shades of these colours. If you are trying to find the best autumn flowers for your desk at work, here are a few excellent choices.


Roses are available throughout the year and available in a wonderfully wide variety of colours. They are the floral image of luxury and love which makes them suitable for various occasions. You can mix your roses with other flowers or display them all on their own and you can be sure that they will look great.


Carnations are so popular that florists usually keep them in stock even when they are not in season. While they one of the cheapest flowers when in season, they are also not particularly expensive even when they are not in season so you never need to worry about overspending when you choose carnations. They are also available in various colours which means that they can be used in various types of arrangements including autumn bouquets.

Gerbera daisies

These flowers look a lot like sunflowers but they are available in a wonderful variety of colours too. They are beautiful, larger flowers that will certainly grab attention. Some of their colours are fairly bright but others are suitable for autumn displays and you can ask your florist for their professional advice if you are unsure.


Bold, bright, and impressive, sunflowers are one of the most well-known flowers in the world. If you would like to use these flowers in an autumn bouquet, you might like to pair them with other suitable flowers lke chrysanthemums, red alstroemeria, or even other yellow filler flowers along with a touch of greenery to highlight the beauty of these blooms.

Baby’s breath

These are the most popular filler flowers of all. They can be used in just about any bouquet and for any occasion. These flowers are white, small, and perfect for decorating those in between spaces to give your bouquet that full and complete appearance.


The theme of a flower arrangement does not only depend on the flowers and foliage. It’s also important to consider accessories. For autumn arrangements, suitable accessories include sticks, feathers, and beads. You should also use a pumpkin or pumpkin coloured vase to hold your arrangement and this will really support the seasonal theme.ou

Remember, when decorating your desk, make sure that you plan your arrangement according to the amount of space you have available. Smalled spaces require smaller bouquets and you don’t want your flowers to take up half of your desk space. If any of your co-workers have pollen allergies, make sure that you take this into consideration and ask your florist for flowers with heavy pollen that is not released into the air but rather falls from the flower. Sure, this will mean that you will need to clean the area around the vase but at least you won’t cause a co-worker to endure endless sneezing episodes.