Autumn flowers and how to arrange them

When you take a look at fresh blooms arranged by a professional florist, it is easy to feel like you can never achieve such perfection. The key to creating the most beautiful bouquet of autumn flowers is proper planning. When you know what you need to include, all you need to do is decide how to put it all together.

Autumn blooms

The first thing you need to do is choose the perfect autumn flowers. One of the most popular types of flowers to use around this time of year are sunflowers. They are large, bright and tall. Some other great options include carnations, roses and even some lilies. Lisianthus is great to add some purple accents to the mix. They are also great for adding texture.

Add accessories

Once you have selected your autumn flowers, you should consider adding accessories. The best extras to add to such a seasonal bouquet include berries, wheat and sticks. You can also include pumpkins or gourds around the base of the vase if you like. If they are small and lightweight enough, you could even place a mini pumpkin on a flower pick and add it to the bouquet.


Finally, don’t forget, you will also need to choose the perfect vase to display your autumn flowers. The taller your blooms, the taller your vase needs to be in order to hold and support them. If you want a shorter display, you will need to trim the stems accordingly. You should also avoid larger blooms like sunflowers since they will appear top heavy.

Remember, when arranging your autumn flowers, you should start by preparing your vase with clean water and flower food. Add some foliage around the rim of the vase before adding your focal flowers. You can then add some mass flowers followed by fillers and then some more foliage as well as you accessories. While it might sound like a lot, you don’t need to add each element in large quantities. A little bit of each will go a long way.