Autumn flower hair accessories

Autumn is a fantastic season for flower lovers. Not only do we have a wide variety of floral shades to choose from, but also a great selection of seasonal foliage to bring it all together. Autumn is all about those rich, golden colours like rusty orange and red as well as some deep shades of purple and very dark green. While it’s great to wear a bright yellow sunflower in your hair during the hotter months, autumn calls for something a bit more subtle.

When searching for the best floral hair accessories for autumn, it’s good to look for the same colours and blooms as you would when choosing an autumn flower arrangement. Of course, you might want to avoid particularly large flowers and look for something more understated instead.

Hair accessories come in the form of headbands, hairbands, and various types of pins. Headbands can be lined with flowers of your choice. Some great examples include small daisies, waxflowers, baby’s breath, and even small roses if they are well arranged.

Hairbands need just one prominent flower attached to make the perfect statement. Again, as with headbands, it’s important to choose the right flower. In this case, medium-sized flowers that resemble daisies are a popular choice.

Pins and clips can be decorated according to the size of the clip. Smaller clips call for smaller flowers and you can wear several clips to create the desired effect. Larger clips can be decorated with several flowers and you need only wear one or two at any given time.

It’s good to remember that silk flowers often offer more value for money because they last so much longer than fresh flowers. There are hundreds of floral hair accessories on the market which make use of artificial flowers. Some are better quality than others. You can even make your own by purchasing flowers and sticking them to your hair accessories using hot glue and a glue gun. When you’re not wearing your gorgeous hair accessories, you should store them in a safe, dry place out of direct sunlight in order to preserve their colour and quality.