Autumn flower décor tips and advice

Autumn is here and it’s the perfect time to make the most of all nature has to offer before winter arrives. There is a richness of colours to be enjoyed and you will still find an abundance of fresh flowers available at your favourite florist. Here are some important tips to remember when it comes to autumn flower décor for your home.

Basic flower arranging tips

No matter the season, it is always important to understand a few basic ‘rules’ when arranging flowers. Autumn flower décor is no exception. There are three types of flowers in almost every flower arrangement. However, sometimes you can opt for two or even one. These types are focal, mass and filler flowers. In a bouquet of lilies, roses and baby’s breath, the lilies will be your focal flowers. The roses will act as mass flowers while baby’s breath is a popular filler. Of course, you could always display roses and baby’s breath or simply a bouquet of sunflowers with nothing else at all in the vase. It all depends on the effect that you wish to create. It is also important to take note of nature and the colours that are readily available. You can then create a display that reflects the current season.

Creating contrast

One of the best parts about autumn flower décor is the amazing flexibility. There are so many contrasting colours that you can use. For instance, many people associate autumn with red, orange, dark yellow and brown. While this is true, you can also add some shades of dark green and even some off white. Black accessories are particularly popular around Halloween. As for textures, you are not limited to flowers and foliage alone. You can also add things like berries and wheat to give your bouquet that autumn harvest look.

Combining colours

This is where so many people feel overwhelmed or confused. Which colours work well together and which ones will reflect the season appropriately? As briefly mentioned above, red, orange, yellow and brown are top choices. You can also add dark green for that evergreen element and off white blooms to help the other bright flowers stand out even more. Take note of the colour scheme of the room before choosing flower colours. This is one of the most important steps when planning autumn flower décor for your home. If, for example, you have plenty of purple in the room, you should opt for a yellow bouquet. If there are lots of brown elements, you can use any colour you like. Of course, combining red and orange or orange and yellow will certainly make a bold statement.

The best way to learn about autumn flower décor is to experiment and try various combinations. Of course, you can also look for flower arrangements online to get some more ideas from the professionals and use these to inspire your own creations.