Autumn arrangements with roses

Creating beautiful autumn arrangements largely depends on choosing the right flowers and colours. In most cases, we look for our favourite seasonal flowers. However, that doesn’t mean you’re strictly limited to seasonal flowers. There are a number of flowers that are so popular that they are available at your local florist all year round. Roses are the perfect example of flowers that florists always have on hand.

Focal flowers

Roses can be used in autumn floral displays, as long as you choose the right colours. They can be displayed alone or mixed with other types of flowers and foliage. Some colours to consider include deep red, deep purple, rust orange, mustard yellow, and there are even some two-tone varieties that look wonderful in these autumn arrangements.


Perfect pairing

If you want to group your roses with other types of flowers and foliage to create the best autumn arrangements, there are many options. Carnations are great for texture and volume. They are also available in several suitable colours, including orange. Yellow solidago will also add a lovely touch, as will ruscus. Alstroemeria is another great option, and the orange variety is particularly attractive. Be sure to select several different colours to ensure variety. The lush, dark green foliage, like the colour of rose leaves, is perfect for autumn displays.


The right vase

Once you’ve selected the flowers to group with your roses, it’s time to choose the perfect vase. For autumn arrangements, you should choose a vase that matches the colour scheme. Suitable colours include dark green, rusty orange and earthy colours. If you choose to use a clay or ceramic container, you may want to place another waterproof container inside to ensure water doesn’t escape. If you want to place flowers in floral foam, be sure to soak the foam well first. Roses need a good amount of water, which means you should check the moisture level of the foam every day and add more water when necessary.

While roses might not be in season around this time, you can still enjoy them as part of mixed autumn arrangements. By choosing the right mass and filler flowers as well as a beautiful vase, you can be sure that you will have a rich flower display fit for the season.