Funeral flowers to honour a loved one

When you lose a loved one, it is often extremely difficult to sit back and focus on funeral decisions. There’s a huge list of things to take care of, and unlike weddings, funerals almost always catch you off guard. In times like these, time really is of the essence and any advice will come in handy. Especially when this tip can help you make the best decisions on the go. If you need help finding the right funeral flowers, keep the following in mind.

Where to look

One of the most important decisions is choosing the right funeral flowers. As with happier occasions like weddings, birthdays and the arrival of new babies, your local and online florist will have a special section devoted to sympathy flowers. The hard part is deciding which ones best suit your needs and which ones will properly honour the deceased.

The person you’re honouring

An important factor in choosing the right funeral flowers is the person’s age and personality. Flowers can be designed and arranged in various shapes such as hearts, crosses, crowns and even teardrops and teddy bears. Traditional funerals usually call for a spray or wreath to be placed on the casket. More contemporary or modern funeral and memorial services are well complemented by themed arrangements.

Think of their personality

You should also consider the passion of the person you are honouring. In some instances when the urn or casket is not in for the service, you may wish to request additional arrangements to fill this space.

Don’t limit yourself

Don’t be afraid to choose colourful bouquets. The deceased may have had a particular favourite colour and/or flower. Now, depending on the availability of flowers and your budget, you may not be able to make an entire arrangement with just one type of flower. However, you can at least include a few for that personal touch. By adding colour, it can also help lift the mood and create an atmosphere of the celebration of life. Simple white arrangements are elegant and a popular choice in many cases, but colourful funeral flowers have been proven to give people a real emotional lift.

Types of blooms

Some popular choices in terms of funeral flowers include mums, carnations, calla lilies, and roses. That said, if you’d like something different, you could include some more exotic flowers like orchids. Remember that hydrangeas can be great fillers for bouquets of various shapes (like crosses, hearts, etc.).

Personal touches

Another idea would be to add that personal touch by enlarging a recent photo of your loved one and placing it within a frame of fresh flowers. Naturally, these flowers should match the overall floral theme of the funeral.

Ask for help

Another important tip is to avoid trying to do too much yourself. Get all the help you can get, and be sure to delegate so you aren’t completely overwhelmed with your to-do list. Many florists may offer same day flower delivery, next day flower delivery and may even offer free flower delivery. Take advantage of these offers and have the florist deliver the funeral flowers directly to the funeral home or church instead of having to squeeze everything into your car.

Finally, don’t feel bad about shopping for the right price. Just because you’re looking for funeral flowers doesn’t mean you have to pay the ultimate price. Browse your local and online flower shops until you find the one that best fits your needs and budget.