Arrange fresh flowers using a grid vase

If you have little to no experience arranging fresh flowers, you will be happy to know that there is a really easy way to get the look you want with minimal effort. By creating a grid design over the rim of your vase, you are setting the stage for flower design success! Here are some easy steps to follow.

Making the grid

You will need some transparent, waterproof tape to begin. Make sure that the tape is not too thick either. You want to create a grid, not cover the entire vase. Estimate or measure where the middle of the vase is and place your first strip of tape next to this spot. Make sure it is straight. Now place another strip on the other side and leave a gap between the two. Repeat this on either side of these two strips until you reach the end. Now repeat this pattern but, this time, make sure that the next set of tape rows are perpendicular to the first. Make sure that you pull the tape nice and tight as you go so that they do not slip into the vase. Trim the ends once you are done creating your grid.

Add water

Mix flower food with water and pour the mixture into the vase. It is easier to add the water at this point rather than at the beginning since you will be moving the vase around quite a bit and you don’t want to splash or spill. The flower preserve will keep your fresh flowers happy and healthy for that much longer so don’t skip this step.

Insert flowers

Now it’s time to arrange your fresh flowers one by one. Trim the stems according to the height of the vase and remove any excess leaves while you’re at it. Make sure that you alternate between different flowers and colours so that you avoid creating clusters.

Foliage time

After inserting all of your fresh flowers, you can add some foliage. Usually two or three types of foliage can be used in a single arrangement. These stems can be added in between along with flower stems. You do not need to set aside holes in the grid just for foliage. Remember, foliage is there to act as a filler while your blooms should take centre stage.

This design method can be used for any type of flowers and any vase. You can use it for fresh flowers and silk blooms alike. The main advantage of creating a grid is the fact that you don’t have to worry about your blooms falling over while you’re in the process of arranging them.