How to arrange beauty contest flowers

Beauty pageants like Miss World and Miss Universe are well known. There are also somewhat smaller beauty contests held on national and even municipal levels. No matter the size of the event, the décor needs to be absolutely perfect. Flowers are perfect for brightening up any location and don’t forget to order flowers for the winner and the runners up. When planning flowers for a beauty pageant, here are some tips to remember:

Select a theme

Pageants always have a theme and this theme is largely created by the décor. Since flowers play such a significant decorative role, it’s important to choose yours wisely with the theme in mind. You might like a beach theme during the summer, a harvest theme in autumn, and so on. Whatever theme you choose, make sure that you do so with your colours and flowers in mind.

Select your colour(s)

Colours and your theme go hand in hand. For example, an autumn harvest theme will make use of colours like dark red, rusty orange, rich greens, and even touches of off-white here and there. These colours would not work for a summer beach theme. When selecting your theme, make a list of colours so that you have at least three or more to work with. You don’t want to overdo it with too many colours either so, if you find that you’re getting a bit carried away, you should exercise restraint and don’t be afraid to cut back.

Select your flowers

Now that you have chosen a theme and you have a list of colours, it’s time to find flowers that are available in these colours. Seasonal flowers will always provide the most appropriate and authentic effect. Seasonal blooms are also more reasonably priced since they are readily available. If you cannot find flowers in the colour of your choice, you can ask your florist to dye them or you can add accessories to enhance the appearance of the bouquets.

Find a florist

Just like any other event, you will need to find the right florist. The right florist is one that offers high quality flower arrangements at the right price. You should never be afraid to negotiate a great deal or discount if you are ordering several arrangements. The more you order, the more of a discount they should be prepared to offer. You should also shop around and compare products and prices before making your final choice.

Add accessories

Accessories are great for enhancing any bouquet. You can have your florist add things like beads or spray painted sticks. You could even perform these additions yourself if you prefer. Of course, the more arrangements you have, the longer it will take to add these accessories.

Arranging the bouquets

Once you receive your flower delivery, the way you arrange them is up to you. Larger arrangements are perfect for corners that are otherwise empty. Flowers can line your stage and you can place additional flower bouquets along the walls. The number of bouquets, their sizes, and their placement will all depend on the size of the event. Make sure that your flowers don’t steal the show and that they don’t cause any obstructions.

The winners’ bouquets

It’s customary to present the winner and runners up each with a bouquet. When placing your flower order, make sure that you also order three bouquets for the top three. The winner should have the largest bouquet, the first princess should have a smaller arrangement, and the second princess should have a slightly smaller bunch too.