All about British Stocks

British Stocks are beautiful blooms that can be enjoyed all on their own or displayed along with other fresh flowers. Just in case you have not learned much about these blooms, here are a few fascinating facts about these popular flowers.

A bit of history

British Stocks were named by Robert Brown. He gave them their Latin name in honour of Pietro Andrea Mattioli, a doctor and naturalist. These flowers have experienced popularity for many years. In the Elizabethan era, they were known as gillyflowers and they became a popular flower to grow in the Victorian times.

Interesting facts

One of the most fascinating facts about British Stocks is the fact that they have an amazing and unique scent. Their perfume really can fill a room in minutes. The flowers can also form clusters of single or double flowers. British Stocks are available in various warm colours and the stems can reach 60cm. Some of the colour options include pink, red, lilac, purple, red, cream and white.

Caring for these cut flowers

Like all cut flowers, British Stocks will need regular care in order to ensure that they last as long as possible. They can last for up to a few weeks if you follow the appropriate care routine. Here are a few easy steps to follow:

  • As soon as your British Stocks arrive, you should place them in fresh water.
  • Prepare your vase by cleaning it thoroughly and filling with water and flower food.
  • Remove any packaging and separate the stems.
  • Trim each stem at an angle and remove any lower leaves that will end up below the water line.
  • Add each stem to the vase and display in a suitable spot.
  • Keep your flowers out of the sun, wind, sources of heat and air conditioners.
  • Check the water level daily as well as the water quality. Refill and replace the water as needed.
  • Retrim the stems if you notice any sliminess around the base of the stems.
  • Remove wilting or dead stems.

The next time you want to order flowers for yourself or a loved one, you should certainly consider a gorgeous and colourful bouquet of British Stocks. They are an excellent choice for all recipients and all occasions.