18th anniversary blooms and gifts

18 years of marriage might seem like an eternity and, in some ways, it is indeed a lifetime. By now you should be very comfortable with your partner and you have most likely raised children together. After so many years together, it’s important to take a step back and remember all of the best times and make the effort to embrace this romantic occasion. Here are some ideas for anniversary blooms and other gifts for your spouse.

Anniversary blooms for 18 years of marriage

Unlike many other anniversaries, the 18th year is not associated with a specific flower. Instead, it is best celebrated with deep red blooms such as roses, lilies, carnations, tulips, peonies or anything you know your spouse will fancy. Red flowers are the ultimate symbol of romance and passion which is why they are so perfect for setting the tone for the rest of the day.

Traditional and modern gifts

This year, the traditional and modern gift are one and the same – porcelain. When we think of porcelain, we remember its beauty as well as its fragile nature. When you give your spouse something porcelain, you are reminding them of the need to take care of one another and handle each other with care.

A splash of colour

The colour associated with 18 years of marriage is blue. So, when shopping for anniversary blooms or other gifts, you can add that personal touch by include elements of blue. Be sure to let your spouse know the reason behind this colour choice and how you love to include traditions to make your gifts even more memorable.

Finally, don’t forget that your anniversary blooms will come with a message card attached. In this message card, you can write your very own romantic message to let your spouse know just how important they are. If you want to send anniversary flowers to another couple, such as your parents, remember that you should also complete this card and be sure to address is to the two of them on this happy and memorable occasion.