12th wedding anniversary blooms

Planning your 12th wedding anniversary is a big deal. After being together for so many years, some couples find themselves closer than ever while others feel like they have fallen into a bit of a routine. Either way, the best way to celebrate and ensure that your relationship is on track by spoiling your spouse with the perfect anniversary blooms and gifts.

Send fresh flowers

Anniversary blooms are one of the most popular gifts for this occasion and, just like every year, there is a special flower associated with your 12th year of marriage. The flower for this year is the peony. When these lush flowers are in full bloom, they truly embody prosperity and romance. IT is also seen as an omen of a happy marriage since it represents honour and riches.

Consider traditional or modern gifts

Apart from anniversary blooms, there are also some fantastic traditional and modern gift ideas from which to choose. If you are looking for a traditional gift, you should consider something like linen or silk. Pearls are the modern gift associated with this anniversary. Your spouse might like a pearl necklace, bracelet or earrings.

Don’t forget about the colourful element

There are also colours associated with every year of marriage. Jade, oyster white and opal are all associated with the 12th anniversary. Keep these colours in mind when buying anniversary blooms and gifts.

When you buy anniversary blooms, remember to always take the time to include a special message. While your spouse will enjoy the blooms and gifts, they will love your personal anniversary message.