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At Prestige Flowers, we understand just how important first impressions are when it comes to gifts. Whether you are shopping for birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, thank you flowers or any other flower gift, they need to look perfect. No matter your relationship with the recipient, a damaged or wilting bouquet is not something that will have the desired effect.

Due to this we ensure that every single bouquet we send out has had the greatest care and attention applied to each bouquet. With our over 25 year experience in handling and selling flowers, we have found some tips and tricks to ensure that you can keep your plants & flowers fresher for longer.

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Let us, help you. We will give you the know-how on everything flowers and plants. From reviving a dead bunch of roses, to simple tricks to extend your bouquet's life two-fold.

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Why you should treat yourself to flowers

In most cases, we only shop for flowers when there is some special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, or as a token of your sympathy when somebody passes away. We don’t usually think about spoiling ourselves with fresh flowers. It’s important to know that there are a number of reasons to buy flowers for yourself. […]

Mon 20 Aug 2018

Make your own birthday bouquet

Of all the occasions throughout the year, birthdays are most often celebrated with fresh flowers. That said, you may not always find exactly what you want for this special occasion and getting creative becomes a necessity. When you want to create your own birthday bouquet, you won’t need too many supplies and you will soon […]

Wed 08 Aug 2018

Love Across Centuries: the History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love and affection, is a time-honoured tradition that has captivated hearts for centuries. The origins of this romantic day are shrouded in history, with tales of martyrs, poets, and traditions that have evolved over time. In this exploration, we journey through the fascinating history of this occasion, discovering the roots […]

Thu 08 Feb 2024

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Unique Flower Arrangements for Father’s Day Sat 15 Jun 2024

Flowers have long been associated with femininity, often gifted on occasions like Mother’s Day, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day. However, this traditional view of floral gifting is evolving. This Father’s Day, florists are redefining the floral landscape by creating unique and masculine flower arrangements specifically tailored for fathers. These innovative designs challenge gender norms and offer […]

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Top 10 Flowers to Gift on Father’s Day and Their Significance Sat 15 Jun 2024

Flowers are a timeless way to express love, admiration, and gratitude. While they are often associated with Mother’s Day, flowers can also be a thoughtful and meaningful gift for Father’s Day. Each flower carries its own unique symbolism and significance, making them perfect for conveying specific messages to the special fathers in your life. Here […]

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The Symbolism Behind Flowers for Father’s Day Fri 14 Jun 2024

Flowers have long been used to convey emotions and messages that words sometimes fail to express. As Father’s Day approaches, selecting the perfect flower can add a layer of meaning to your gift, making it both beautiful and thoughtful. Understanding the symbolism behind different flowers can help you choose the right bloom to celebrate the […]

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The History of Gifting Flowers on Father’s Day Fri 14 Jun 2024

Father’s Day, celebrated in many countries around the world, is a special occasion to honour and appreciate fathers and father figures. While the tradition of gifting flowers on Mother’s Day is well-established, the practice of giving flowers to fathers on their special day has a more nuanced history. Let’s delve into the historical background of […]

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Romantic Blooms for a June Anniversary Fri 14 Jun 2024

As the month of June rolls around, it brings with it the warmth of summer and the promise of love in bloom. If you’re celebrating a special anniversary in June, flowers offer a timeless and romantic way to express your affection and devotion to your partner. Whether you’re commemorating one year or fifty years together, […]

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Sustainable and Locally-Sourced Flower Options for Father’s Day Thu 13 Jun 2024

Father’s Day is a special occasion to show appreciation and love for the fathers and father figures in our lives. As awareness of environmental issues grows, many people are seeking more sustainable and eco-friendly ways to celebrate. One meaningful way to honour your dad while also caring for the planet is by choosing sustainable and […]

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How to Choose the Right Flowers for Your Father’s Personality Thu 13 Jun 2024

Choosing the perfect Father’s Day gift can be a delightful but sometimes challenging task. While flowers might not be the first gift that comes to mind for dads, they can be a thoughtful and meaningful gesture when chosen with care. To help you select the right flowers for your father’s personality, consider his interests, hobbies, […]

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