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Send flowers to improve mental health

Fresh blooms and plants can have an amazing effect on the mind and our mental state. This is one of the main reasons why so many people choose to send flowers when they find out that a friend is not doing too well. Not only do flowers make excellent get well soon gifts, but they […]

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Soothing flowers and calming colours

Fresh blooms and specific colours have something very interesting in common – they can both be incredibly relaxing. The trick to choosing the best soothing flowers is by understanding which scents have this effect on us as well as the right colours to choose. Soothing scents Whether you want to send soothing flowers or even […]

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New Year’s flowers – your top choices this year

There is nothing like a fresh bouquet of blooms to brighten your home in time for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. If you are not sure what types of blooms to choose for this special occasion, here are some of the top New Year’s flowers that you and your guests will adore! Carnations These are […]

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Flower colours for an elegant evening

If you want to host an evening of elegance, you need the right décor. The right flower colours can certainly help set the tone for such an evening. Here are some of the top colours and colour combinations you should consider. White Pure white flowers are the perfect choice when you want to keep it […]

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Centrepiece ideas with ambient light

The perfect centrepiece is not just about flowers. It’s also important to consider adding some lighting to the design. If you are not sure about the best way to do this, here are some excellent centrepiece ideas that include just the right light for a relaxing dinner. Candles Candles can be used in a number […]

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14th anniversary flowers

Once you reach this magic milestone, celebrating your wedding anniversary might leave you scratching your head in terms of gift ideas. The good news is that the traditional approach ensures that you always have something different to present to your spouse every year! So, if you are looking for 14th anniversary flowers, you are in […]

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Drying and framing Valentine’s Day flowers

When you receive a beautiful bouquet for Valentine’s Day, it’s so beautiful that you want it to last forever. Fresh flowers will perish at some point but this does not mean that you cannot enjoy them for months or years to come. All you will need is your beautiful bouquet, some decorative paper, a box […]

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Silk flowers to welcome a new baby

When a new baby girl or boy enters the world, everyone is oh so eager to celebrate. This is not only a joyous occasion for the parents but also for the extended family and friends. Everyone wants to get a look at the new arrival and they instantly begin remarking on all the cutest features. […]

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