Why buy British flowers

When choosing flowers for your home or for a loved one, you will come across a number of varieties and options. One of which is to buy British flowers. Given the amazing availability of flowers from foreign suppliers, many people wonder why they should buy British blooms. Here are some of the main reasons and benefits.

Lower carbon footprint

Just like any other type of fresh produce, when flowers are imported, it means that they are transported over long distances. No matter how the flowers are transported, some form of energy is required to get them from the farm to the florist. Even so-called clean energy (like electricity) contributes to carbon emissions during the production phase. Which means that, by choosing to buy British flowers, you are reducing the transport distance and thereby also keeping carbon emissions lower.

Richer local landscapes

We have all heard about the importance of bees, butterflies and other bugs in our ecosystem. Unfortunately, due to several reasons, bee and other insect populations are under serious threat. What many people fail to realise is just how much we depend on these little critters. The more we order British flowers, the more demand there will be and this will increase the need for more local flower fields. These flower fields attract more insects and encourage their growth too. By buying British blooms, you are supporting your local ecosystem too.

Seasonal beauty

If you choose British flowers, you will know that they are subject to seasonal availability. In other words, when flowers are in season, they are available. So, these bouquets will help you decorate your home or office in true seasonal style. Seasonal flowers are also known for their hardiness because they are grown under the current weather conditions.

Support local farmers

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you are doing your part for your community. Local farmers need our support and by choosing British flowers, you are helping ensure their stability and future.

There you have it! A few great reasons why you should shop for British flowers the next time you need a bouquet of the finest blooms. No matter the occasion or recipient, you can always rely on local flowers to brighten their day!