Which Flowers Last The Longest Once Cut?

Whenever you send flowers as a gift or order flowers to decorate your own home, one of the most important things that you will consider is how long your cut flowers will last.  You wouldn’t want to send flowers for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any other occasion if they don’t last as long as possible.  Whether you have been disappointed by a flower delivery in the past or you are simply looking for the best value for your money, here are some of the top choices.

Before you select the flower or flowers that you think will last the longest, you need to remember that the way you treat your cut flowers will have a major impact on just how long they last.  As any florist will tell you, you need to do things like trim the stems of your flowers, place them in fresh water, add a flower preserve to the water and place your vase in the right place.  By following these guidelines, you will always get the most out of your fresh flowers.

When it comes to your flower choice, many experts have confirmed that gerbera daisies and irises tend to be the first flowers in a bouquet to wilt and perish.  Upon removing these dying blooms, you will notice that your bouquet is evidently incomplete and does not have quite the right effect.

Roses and lilies are big favourites among florists and their customers alike.  These flowers have a relatively long lifespan and they ensure great value for money.  If, however, you want cheap flowers that also last long, then chrysanthemums are the way to go.  You can even group them with carnations and gladiolas since these flowers last just as long as chrysanthemums and you won’t end up picking your bouquet apart.

WHite And Pink Orchids

The real champions when it comes to the longest lasting cut flowers are orchids.  Orchids are known for their phenomenal elegance and beauty as well as a fairly high price tag.  Of course, when you consider the fact that they last the longest of all, you really are going to get your money’s worth.  If you send an orchid as a gift, the recipient is sure to be surprised and impressed.  Another important point to remember is that you can order a single orchid stem and present it as a gift whereas other cheaper flowers usually look better in a bunch.  In the end, a bunch of roses can cost the same or sometimes even more than a single orchid stem.

Regardless of which flower or flowers you choose, you need to follow the florist’s instructions when caring for them.  If possible, do your utmost to select each flower yourself.  Look for flowers that are still in bud form but have just started to open.  Tightly shut buds may never open and fully opened flowers won’t last very long.  Check each flower for damage to both the petals and the stems.  If you are planning on shopping at an online florist, you should take a look at their satisfaction policy.  Make sure that they offer some form of compensation should your flower delivery not be to your satisfaction.